HCSP Enrollment

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HCSP Employer Enrollment
Reporting Contract Changes
ACH Debit Authorization Form
Enrollment Forms
HCSP Employee Enrollment

HCSP Employer Enrollment

  • Employers must provide MSRS with a copy of the HCSP contract language for each employee group participating in the Plan.
  • Before remitting contributions, employers must receive written approval (usually in the form of an email) from MSRS for each participating group.
  • Contract modifications require MSRS review and approval. Contract modifications are allowed every two years.

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process usually begins at the request of employers/employees who are interested in participating in the Plan.

1.  At the request of employer/employees, an MSRS Field Representative will conduct an onsite visit to
     provide an HCSP presentation and more detailed information about the Plan.

2.  Employer/bargaining unit drafts HCSP contract language. Field Rep will provide assistance in
     drafting language, review drafts and provide feedback. Field Rep may share draft with MSRS
     staff member responsible for approving the HCSP contract language.

3.  Once contract language is finalized, employer completes the following forms:

    • Employee Contact Information form (if this is an initial enrollment in the Plan or there are changes to the contact information)
    • HCSP Contract Approval/Renewal form (must accompany contract for every group you are enrolling in the Plan)
    • ACH Debit Authorization form

    Forms are located on the Forms & Brochures page of this website. We encourage you to keep a copy of all forms for your records.

4.  Completed forms and a copy of the HCSP contract language should be submitted to your Field Rep
     or forwarded to MSRS in St. Paul. Please highlight the section(s) of the employee contract that
     pertains to the HCSP.

Approval of contract language

5.  MSRS will review the contract language to ensure it qualifies under the rules of the Plan. The payroll
     contacts indicated on the Employer Contact Information form will be notified by email whether the
     contract has been approved or declined. PLEASE DO NOT REMIT CONTRIBUTIONS UNTIL YOU

6.  If this is a new enrollment for the employer, a username and password will be emailed to the payroll
     contacts and human resource representative indicated on the Employer Contact Information form.
     The username and password should be used to access ING's payroll submission website. To learn
     more about the process, please see Payroll Submission Process.

7.  Once you receive your username and password, you may remit HCSP contributions as outlined by
     the approved contract language.

When the first contribution is received

8.  Employee's HCSP account will be established and an HCSP Welcome Packet will be sent to the
     employee. The employee will also receive a password to access their account online or through the
     Automated Voice Response (AVR) system.

9.   If employee is terminated, they may access their account balance immediately for reimbursement of
      out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Contract changes or additions

See "Reporting Changes" in next section.

Reporting Changes

After the employer's initial enrollment in HCSP, it is important that you report any changes to MSRS to help keep your records up-to-date.

Type of change
How to report
Contract language change
(may be revised every two years)
Complete an HCSP Contract Approval/Renewal form and provide MSRS with copy of the contract language
Adding new employer group/union for employer already participating in the plan Complete an HCSP Contract Approval/Renewal form and provide MSRS with copy of the contract language
Changing payroll or human resource contact(s)
(including the person, phone number, address or email)
Complete an Employer Contact Information form. If this is a new employer contact, a username and password will be sent via email so the new contact can submit contributions using the Payroll Administration tool
Employer banking information Complete an ACH Debit Authorization form and mail, fax or email to MSRS

Does MSRS have your current contract language? Have you provided MSRS with contract language for all of your employee groups participating in the HCSP?

Employers must provide MSRS with copies of all HCSP contracts for review and approval. Approval for one employer union/non-union group does not constitute approval for all groups added under the employer/bargaining unit or contract revisions.

ACH Debit Authorization Form

The ACH Debit Authorization form authorizes ING to add your bank account information to their system. ING will use the bank account information you provide to fund participant contribution data files and will only debit the amount you authorize when you complete your participant contribution data batch.

ACH debit funding eliminates any delay in processing the contribution file that would otherwise result from a manual transfer of funds from you, the employer.

Changes to bank information: Please complete a new ACH Debit Authorization form and mail or fax to MSRS.

Enrollment Forms

Please see Forms & Brochures section.

HCSP Employee Enrollment

Employees are automatically enrolled in the HCSP when MSRS receives the first contribution from the employer.

  • Employee will receive an HCSP Welcome Packet seven to 10 business days after MSRS receives the first contribution. The welcome packet includes an HCSP Information Guide with detailed information about the Plan and the investment options. A Beneficiary Designation form is also enclosed.

    If the employee is eligible for reimbursements (because they retired or terminated), the packet will also include a Reimbursement Request form and a Direct Deposit form.

  • Contributions are automatically invested in the Money Market account, unless the employee has instructed otherwise. Employees can use the website or contact the MSRS Service Center to make their investment option election.

  • If this is the first contribution to the HCSP, the employee will receive a temporary 6-digit password which can be used to access the website or the Automated Voice Response (AVR) System. This is the same password employees will use to access their MNDCP account.
IMPORTANT! Employers should no longer distribute the HCSP welcome packets or HCSP forms that are contained in the packet to employees. The employee will automatically receive a packet when MSRS receives their first contribution


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